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Ferry Quays

Interior Design 

STATUS: Finished
LOCATION: Ferry Quays, Brentford
GROSS INTERNAL AREA: approx. 136.00 sqm 

A Shell Fit Transformed Into a Beautiful and Functional Home

          The client's vision was to transform the shell of a duplex penthouse apartment into a stylish, luxurious home. The brief focused on a glazed spiral staircase from which to build the rest of the design. Working closely with the client to generate the floor layouts and entire scheme was imperative to the success of the project.  


          On the top floor, bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, a walk-in wardrobe, a warm air boiler, and a plant roof for environment chiller units are generated off the circular enclosure around the spiral staircase. The lower level has an open plan kitchen, lounge, a dining room, a separate toilet, and a cloakroom. It also has a fireproof glazed lobby enclosure to comply with Building Regulations and maintain a visual openness while physically separating the spaces. The master bedroom, bathroom, lounge, and kitchen provide beautiful views of Kew Gardens. Warm air boilers eliminated the need for radiators, which freed up more space and created cleaner interior lines. Sensor (anemometers and lux meters) activated blinds were fitted externally to address thermal gain caused by south and southwest facing glass curtain walls. Seven feet high double-leaf doors were installed to complement the dwelling's high ceilings and expansive scale.


          During the design process, salespeople who represented the building's developers, showed the apartment to prospects to demonstrate how the appropriate design, function, and finish can create a visually-appealing and functional dwelling. The client's satisfaction with the work further demonstrates the effectiveness of this design approach. The light, airy, and playful interior provides the desired balance and harmony while meeting the client's functional needs.

Sungate Bungalow, London - RM5 2BH

+44 020 8983 8127

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