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Repton Park

Residential Extension 

EXTENSION TOTAL AREA: approx. 25.32 sqm 
LOCATION: Woodford, London
STATUS: Finished

A Carefully Developed Scheme for a Complex Construction Project

          The client needed a second rear extension added to their home to increase its size and functionality. It would require substantial alteration to and intervention of the original structure to marry it with the new rear extension. The scheme required very careful consideration about how to add the extension while preventing the steel work from causing cold bridging of the structure. The construction would have involved removing the entire main rear elevation wall—which supports two additional storeys—from the ground floor. It would have been replaced with a steel box frame to dissipate the load down and along the foundation that supports the brick wall.

Sungate Bungalow, London - RM5 2BH

+44 020 8983 8127

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